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The concept of rolling mill bearing

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Rolling mill bearings generally only used to bear radial load, compared with the same size deep groove ball bearings, have bigger radial load capacity, limit rotational speed is close to deep groove ball bearings, but with this type of bearing hole of shaft, shell processing the demand is higher, allow the axis of the inner ring and outer ring axis inclination is small (2 ° - 4 °), two axis tilted as beyond the limits, roller and ring raceway contact situation will worsen, seriously affect the bearing load capacity, reduce the service life of bearing. So if need these bearings are installed on the host parts of bear axial load effect, only at the same time to use other kinds of bearings under the premise of axial load, just can use.

Generally described bearings for rolling bearing (ball and roller bearing). Rolling bearing is running between the shaft and the shaft seat sliding friction into rolling friction, thereby reducing friction loss of a precision mechanical components. Generally by the outer ring, rolling bearing inner ring, rolling element and cage. Rolling bearings use convenient maintenance, reliable operation, good starting performance, bearing capacity is higher under the moderate speed. Compared with sliding bearing, roller bearing radial size is larger, vibration reduction ability is poor, high speed when life is low, the sound is bigger.

Radial bearings of rolling bearings (mainly bear radial force) usually consists of inner ring and outer ring, rolling body and rolling body cage of four parts. Inner ring tight set on the shaft neck and with shaft rotation, outer ring is installed in the bearing hole. Within the peripheral and outer ring, ring week all have a race. When the relative rotation on inner and outer, namely, outer ring rolling on the rolling roller, they are separated by the cage, avoid rubbing against each other.

Thrust bearing ring and the living circle. Ring and shaft sleeve, living circle bearing on the bearing seat. Ring and rolling body usually adopt high strength, good abrasion resistance of rolling bearing steel manufacturing, surface hardness after quenching should reach HRC60 ~ 65. Maintains a multi-purpose made from mild steel stamping, also can use copper alloy fabric bakelite and plastic manufacturing.

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