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Bearing material selection

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Sheet metal pieces of fixture design on automatic lathe turning 3 cr13 stainless steel parts. Processing technology and equipment selection of auto longeron G76 thread cutting composite cycle instruction coordinate system and the movement direction. Introduction gantry wedm decoding simulation program design based on UG CAD/CAM software function under the new type of mouse design and manufacture of machine tool association: towards a "high-quality goods service brand association" to continue efforts to inverter principle introduction seiko introduced low-power high ripple suppression voltage stabilizer rolling wheel sand mixer operation procedures. Bearing superfinishing machine tool equipment developed by breakthrough metal cutting processing of waste liquor of citic juki made heavy double column vertical lathe, with neat one cylinder head valve seat and catheter hole processing technology AC610M/AC630M precision turning platform of typical CAM nc milling programming function. Application of world machine tool industry development direction of the whole analysis how to solve the Pro/E engineering drawing in Chinese characters garbled problem after turn AutoCAD.

Detection technology in the application prospect of car manufacturing structure material friction wear lubrication bearing corrosion strength capacity alloy bearing housings directly connect with part load bearing with relative motion to reduce friction and wear bearing friction material request all kinds of requirements. Friction coefficient wear-resisting meet with enough the compressive strength, fatigue strength ability to withstand the impact bearing alloy thickness 0.0130.13 mm sticky load speed bearing gap is too small surface roughness note carefully selected material matching to prevent poor lubrication. Bearing on the bearing seat, with the shaft directly contact part of the load bearing shaft and have relative motion.

In order to reduce friction and wear of bearing material put forward all kinds of requirements, in addition to the required friction pair between small friction coefficient, wear also should meet the following points. Should have enough compressive strength, fatigue resistance and the ability to withstand impact. The thickness of the bearing alloy (0.013 0.13) mm. Good tackiness resistance. When a large load, high speed, bearing gap is too small, surface finish is not high, poor lubrication, to pay attention to the matching of carefully selected materials, prevent friction pair a agglutination adhesive wear. Adaptive and the ability to accommodate foreign body. Low coefficient of low hardness, good plasticity and elasticity material has good adaptability and the ability to accommodate foreign body. Good corrosion resistance, low prices, sources. Generated by oxidation of colloidal sediment after corrosion to the bearing shell material. Bearing and bearing liner material divided into two major categories of metal materials and nonmetal materials commonly used ordinary grey cast iron, the wear resistant cast iron, nodular cast iron is suitable for low speed and light load, or open the bearing mechanism of transmission: the flake or spheroidal graphite composition in materials, covering the surface lubrication graphite layer.

ZChSnSb10-6 good corrosion resistance, resistance to strong bonding capacity, combined with the steel back, the price is expensive, suitable for high speed overloading, such as rolling stock ZChPbSb16-16-2 agglutination resistance is poor, poor thermal expansion, crisp is suitable for medium load. The babbitt good abrasion resistance, resistance to glue, thermal conductivity, the most suitable for bearing shell material. ZCuPb30 with casting or sintering in steel bearing bush back to a pair of metal surface, good bonding resistance ZCuSn10 -l antifriction and wear resistance are good, the best bearing shell material, high overloading this kind of material than pap and high hardness and strength, corrosion resistance, but poor running-in and matching journal requires higher hardness and roughness, is suitable for medium speed overloading. Low tin alloy, high Sn0.5 tin alloy, including Sn20 %, locomotive diesel This kind of material high strength, corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity. Iron powder, graphite powder, copper powder or ten graphite powder to suppress forming, sintering formation pore structure, porosity of 15-35% - oiled boiled - oil bearing. The bearing shell due to poor toughness is only applicable to steady load and small and medium speed, poor lubrication condition for occasions.


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