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Bearing failure and response

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Mechanical critical will decide to maintain the strain level for every suspected bearing failure stage. Reaction of different levels, to adapt to the business needs of factors, such as:

1 when there will be a failure? What equipment should be closed after failure?

2 stop chance last long? What price?

3 what is the time of delivery of the parts and labor?

Example 1

Transmission driven conveyor is a key equipment and the defects of the second phase can be monitored, until phase 3 is reached. And then it will depend on the position of the bearing, the input shaft, intermediate or output, deterioration rate and the failure of the nature of the axis; Track and rolling bearing or cage, as to how the urgent need to replace the bearing and frequency need to monitor the machine.

Case 2

The furnace combustion fan, supply billet to mill, and defects is very key to the second stage, need to start planning to replace bearing. The next time a chance to change may be in 6 to 12 months, when the fault may progress to a higher stage.

Modern vibration analysis provides a recognition bearing fault in different stages of progress, with the vibration frequency of failure down into their components, means.

Defined under the stage on the basis of the recognized industry practices, and by clearly define what stage is the failure of bearing, the analyst can take appropriate maintenance personnel in time, and promptly take action.

The four stages of bearing failure and strain level.

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