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High precision mechanical expanding "area all the way"

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Day, the third China (xuzhou) international engineering machinery fair closing, the road all the way "area" for Rio tinto, to exert their engineering machinery at home and abroad merchants.

In outdoor exhibition, the exhibitors in digging bucket brushes, mounted on the scene for the "area" all the way along the country's purchaser writing brush calligraphy. See driving indoor operation at the same time, the operator hands and feet with bucket drive brush dipped in ink, again on a blank sheet of paper to write "responsibility" "innovation" four characters, exhibitors are foreign with warm applause.

Attending kareem abdul-jabbar group general manager assistant of Qatar sheikh khalifa said, Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup, will arrange totaling $220 billion in infrastructure construction, they are very concerned about engineering procurement and facilitation to the Internet. Kazakhstan million embellish is chairman of the board of directors of the company, li noor Jin Ensi also said that kazakhstan's machinery, transportation, instrumentation equipment, such as imports accounted for 40% of total imports, in will host the 2017 world expo, need a lot of Chinese engineering machinery involved in construction.

Ministry of economic management of the institute of mechanical industry Xu Donghua said, "One Belt And One Road" market is huge, central Asia and other countries along the "area" in energy, wind power and nuclear power and other new areas of development, crawler crane, mining excavator and other large engineering machinery market prospect is very positive.

"China engineering machinery exports from price already dominant direction, leading to the quality of export to create export key parts from the machine assembly direction. The foreseeable future, a large number of Chinese engineering machinery brand will affect the whole world markets." China machinery industry federation vice-chairman Xue Yiping said. Our reporter Lee has just

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